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Midwest Evangelistic Association was incorporated on March 19, 1954. This proved to be a busy year for the organization for during that same period our Founder, Rev., Keith Williams made his first journey to the Philippines and purchased the land for the Midwest Bible Camp in Watertown, South Dakota. The two ministry sites were in much different worlds, and each one had its hardships.

The Bible camp began with a small farm house and an old barn. The beginning early improvements were made with a broken-handled shovel, a lot of hard work, and much, much prayer. For nearly six decades Midwest Bible Camp has been instrumental in providing a biblically based camp experience for children and adults. A meeting room and kitchen was built, and then expanded for a larger sanctuary which became a beautiful dining hall. A five hundred seat auditorium was constructed, as well as a children’s chapel, boys and girls dormitories and adult sleeping rooms with private showers. The farm house has been remodeled and the old barn torn down, yet the never changing truth from God’s Word remains intact.

At the same time, Rev. Williams carved out a mission in the rugged and remote tropical region of Mindanao, Philippines. His first trip was made by sleeping on the deck of a cargo ship, and by horseback, all with the passion to connect with the unreached tribes of the Philippines with the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.   A humble beginning with one Philippine pastor and his wife they began opening the tribes with God’s Word. Today the work includes well over 300 churches and two campuses of the Keith William Bible College, one in Davao City and the other in the Sarangani Region on the west side of the island of Mindanao.

Passionate to reach even more, over the years Keith and Mary Williams conducted revival meetings throughout the United States and various parts of the world and a weekly radio broadcast. Gladys Schott, who joined their ranks in 1967, was an integral part of the development of the organization, and has been loved by countless children and adults throughout her years on the grounds.


This brief summary would not be complete without mention of the many who befriended with us throughout the years. Members of the Cattle Feeders organization, the Rachel’s Circle and countless of individuals and many churches who have given, volunteered, prayed and stood beside us. We praise God for His grace and thank Him for the goodness that he has bestowed on us through the generous and sacrificial partnership of so many.


More information of the life-long ministry of Keith and Mary will be provided in the near future as we obtain records and feed-back from others.

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